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I’m a driven and dedicated agile product manager with a focus on building cross-functional partnerships and consistently delivering business results in a high-performance culture. With a demonstrated ability to troubleshoot critical issues and minimize project scope creep, I will take on significant accountability while successfully adapting to ever-changing situations.

As a true digital native, technology has inspired me from an early age. With experience in Agile product management, team building, cloud integration, MarTech, Web Analytics, Engagement tracking, SEO, and Content Management Systems (CMS), I have the digital expertise to drive your next project.

I’m always looking to collaborate on fun and interesting projects. If you'd like to discuss how you can work together to make your next project a success, send me a message to start the conversation.


Product Management

CSPO/PM certified technical product manager

Content Strategy/Management

I take an Agile approach to content. Ask me about how I helped integrate an enterprise level content team with the product and development team.

Google Tag Manager/Analytics

Building Dashboards, Tagging events, and creating goals. I can build the framework to track your site engagement.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I specialize in quantifying the ROI benefits of organic traffic.

“Cory ... continually demonstrated strength in translating designs into functional web pages ... His desire for improvement lends itself to assuring pages and content are relevant and can be found by both users and search engines.

Cory’s ... skill for creating a logical CMS environment allows for inevitable growth and expansion. He plans multiple steps ahead but is flexible enough to adapt to changing circumstances.”

– Alexandro Paz


Colleague recommendations

“Put simply, Cory is great to work with. His leadership, vision, and constant drive to go above and beyond for the Customer is what sets him apart. As the product owner for our scrum team, Cory sets our goals high, lives them himself, and has built the best team I have ever been a part of. I highly recommend Cory!”

– Ken Hooker

"Working with Cory at Umpqua is just easy. He's always up for the normal and often crazy requests I have for my line of business. From tactical to web design to strategy, Cory has helped me not only shift the way we engage with customers and prospects online, but how. His sharp mind, technical expertise, appreciated wit and willingness to jump in and get stuff done (often an aggressive timeline) is always appreciated."

– Jodi Jordan

"Working with Cory is easy. He is a driven individual who is able to communicate effectively and see to the root of an issue quickly. He is solutions oriented, and highly collaborative. I worked as a developer on Cory's team, and always felt confident in his ability to decipher business needs, scope them well, and work with tech and business to deliver results."

– Kaitie Fox

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I'm always looking to collaborate on fun and interesting projects. If you'd like to discuss how we can work together to make your next project a success, send me a message.

Portland, Oregon

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